The Best GPUs for Mining as of 04/20/21

The process of inserting and validating transaction records on the Bitcoin public blockchain ledger while ensuring network uptime is known as mining. This is how the network survives without relying on vulnerable, centralized networks or trusted third parties. Mining is often used to differentiate legitimate Bitcoin (BTC) transactions from double-spending attempts, which occur when aContinue reading “The Best GPUs for Mining as of 04/20/21”

Consortium Invests $1.3B in a Filecoin Mining Facility

China-based consortium IPFS Union is investing over $1.3 billion to create China’s largest decentralized storage in Jiangxi Province of Fuzhou City. As part of its “Big Data Industrial Park” project, the station will mine Filecoin (FIL), a peer-to-peer data storage platform, allowing users to trade storage without a third party, a blog article by FilecoinContinue reading “Consortium Invests $1.3B in a Filecoin Mining Facility”

DMG buys new Mining Machines

DMG Blockchain Solutions, a publicly traded bitcoin mining firm, has acquired 3,600 bitcoin mining machines. The order is expected to boost the Canadian company’s hashrate to over 500 petahashes per second, up from about 140 petahashes. (According to Luxor Tech, the seven-day moving average for Bitcoin’s total hashrate is 144 exahashes per second.) DMG’s stockContinue reading “DMG buys new Mining Machines”